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Take advantage of the last summer fun at Lake Casa Blanca! We are going to make, invent, and design great projects that give kids the opportunity to get their hands on everyday and also unusual materials to create and participate. With lots of engaging activities, your kids will squeeze the last bit of summer fun out!!


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The goal of ISLA (Informal Science Learning Associates of Laredo) is to provide WOW experiences to promote lifelong learning. We define a “WOW experience” as a moment or many that lead a learner to fully engage in the learning process of discovery and making meaning in a personal context.

And when a learner embarks on new learning, you can bet that a challenge lies ahead.  We are reading and watching how the struggle is an integral part of the learning process.  From pbs.org:

“The Science of Smart: Seeing Struggle as an Opportunity”

Why do you think our camp experiences are so much fun?!!!



We are a museum without walls providing interactive programming in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to promote life-long learning in the community and surrounding communities of Laredo, Texas.

Each associate (educator) of ISLA brings to the organization specialized skills in formal and informal education. ISLA educators are bilingual/bicultural trainers in professional development, early childhood with emphasis in Montessori, robotics from elementary through high school ages, and outreach to underserved audiences with special emphasis on gender-equity.

ISLA is a newly-formed nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities for all children. While grants and small donations from the community make up the bulk of financing for the educational programs we provide, fee for service programs allow ISLA to purchase additional materials and reach underserved audiences with creative and engaging experiences in the fascinating and dynamic world of science and engineering. ISLA is also fortunate to find in-kind donations of professional services.


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